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Monday, December 29, 2014

Rapid Progress For *Boys' Writing (*Girls Too)

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are many challenges facing educators and students today. One of these
is the increase in the use and availability of digital technology. In
some quarters, there have been voices of concern that the widespread
prevalence of digital technology is affecting students’ social and
communication development and limiting interest and motivation for

Mr Andrews Online we take the opposite view. We have developed this
approach over 12 months with classroom trials in a large number and wide
range of schools, teacher consultation and feedback have led to this
unique and highly effective approach. We harness the incredible power of
technology these lesson plans teach students to write for a range of
purposes and audiences, and additionally they make the students want to
write and enjoy writing.

Rapid Progress For *Boys' Writing (*Girls' Too) is available for just £50

This book contains:

  • A clear and structured approach to teaching all genres of writing using popular games as a stimulus.
  • Easy to follow lesson plans which raise standards, secure rapid
    progress and make a sustained impact on all young writers, even those
    who are most reluctant.
  • Note taking sheets, vocabulary ideas, sentence starters, writing prompts and over 80 ideas for writing activities.
  • Typed and hand written examples from writing projects we have delivered in classroom in schools across the UK
  • A transferable cross-curricular approach demonstrating a clear,
    accessible progression covering: Talk for writing/ oral rehearsal,
    planning, drafting, feedback/collaboration and digital publishing.

Inspiring outstanding writing using iPad/Android tablet games, this
revolutionary approach to teaching writing uses spectacular digital
games and tablet technology to engage all young learners with a love of
writing. Following the completion of an activity or challenge in a
chosen game, students begin a clearly structured sequence of activities
to develop language, expression and build sequenced ideas in preparation
for writing. Writing outcomes can take the form of handwritten work or
be presented as a digital book. All key genres of writing are covered.

Chris Williams presenting at the 'How to be Outstanding in the New Curriculum" conference for the National Literacy Trust
this way, students develop a passion for writing and sharing their
ideas, standards improve both in print and with the spoken word, and a
lifelong engagement with the importance of written and oral
communication is started.

Classroom Projects: The writing approach has been developed in a large number and range of schools across the UK
unrivalled product provides a clear background and explanation of the
approach for educators, it also gives structured and sequenced
directions allowing class teachers and to share the approach with their
students. The step-by-step explanation ensures maximum impact of this
dynamic, innovative and highly effective approach to teaching students
to write for a range of purposes and audiences.

Resources from one of the Writing Modules
small number of expertly chosen apps and a tablet computer (iPad or
Android) are required to support this groundbreaking process, which was
first presented at the UK National Literacy Trust conference “How to be
Outstanding” in October 2013.

have a number of reluctant writers and have been looking for ways to
engage them for some time. This product was just what I needed. The
immersion in the games gave the pupils real knowledge for the writing
tasks. They were hooked into writing straight away. It was clear that
there was an increase in motivation, application and enjoyment resulting
in higher standards of writing.”

Petra Rafferty, Senior Teacher, Highlands Primary School, Hull, UK

am so thankful to have come across the work of David and Chris. Their
work inspired me and provided me with opportunity to engage and motivate
the struggling writers in my class. When I reached out to David and
Chris I was pleasantly surprised at the support and guidance they
provided me. Their leadership around the integration of technology,
student engagement and classroom innovation has benefited my practice
and the achievement of my students. I consider their counsel to be
invaluable and I am certain you would as well.”

Rolland Chidiac, Elementary School Teacher, Ontario, Canada

continue to be amazed at the creative and innovative uses of classroom
technology developed by David and Chris. They recognise the power and
impact of technology in the classroom and provided exceptional support,
guidance and feedback. I am always excited to meet educators like David
and Chris and completely support the approach they use to engage
learners and raises standards.”

Dr Reshan Richards, Director of Ed Tech and App Designer (Explain Everything), New Jersey, USA

“I think your ideas have enormous potential and will be extremely useful for teachers and schools.”

Peter Rudd, Reader in Education, York University. Specialism:
Overcoming the barriers to educational disadvantage (especially using

“David and Chris are at the forefront of the
growing move towards using mobile technology as a way of engaging pupils
and accelerating learning. The philosophy is based on a clear approach
on how technology can be used to influence learners positively. I would
recommend their input for a range of purposes. They are real teachers
doing the job, not just talking about theory. I have been overwhelmed by
the progress this product has enabled. Standards of writing have
accelerated beyond my expectations.”

Chris Beazeley, Primary Headteacher, Essex, UK

love your ideas! They are endlessly inspiring for me and the children I
work with. I work in schools consulting regarding integrating
technology into the curriculum.This has been such a good way to help our
boys WANT to write!”

Denise Hall, Educational Consultant, Victoria, Australia

attended one of David and Chris’ course and immediately recognised the
potential of their work in our school. To say that they have been a like
a shining beacon is an understatement. The whole staff have been
inspired by their work. Pupils with low self-esteem, low concentration
and low academic levels have positively glowed these last few weeks.
Truly magical. I thought it was Hogwarts at times!”

Paul Browning, Primary Headteacher, Hull, UK

have been using your ideas with my class. One of the stand out moments
has been the work of one of the poorest children in my class. He is
working just within level 2 on a day to day basis. The buzz he has found
from writing has been such a rewarding thing to observe, where I am
normally faced with frustration and lack of engagement now he is keen as
mustard to write and it just seems to flow out of him. I know we have
some issues with grammar and few technical elements of writing but I’m a
firm believer that this bit can be taught whereas the want to write

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